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Discover the power of Shape Accelerator, a revolutionary slimming solution that activates your body's natural fat-burning process. Our cutting-edge formula, backed by the latest scientific research and enriched with natural ingredients, converts white fat cells into brown fat cells, fighting cellulite and excess inches. Shape Accelerator is a game-changer for those seeking a more confident, slimmer you. Join us on this transformative journey, and experience real results. We're here to help you unlock your potential and embrace a cellulite-free, confident you!


How It Works

ShapeAccelerator - How does it work?

ShapeAccelerator is an active liposoluble anti-cellulite slimming lotion based on a purified extract of organic mustard sprouts combined with a synthetic capsaicin analog. Until five years ago, it was believed that adult fat tissue was comprised of a single type of adipocytes, the white ones that store lipids. However, new findings have revealed that white adipocytes are able to transform when activated - into brown-like ones, a type of adipocytes that were thought to be present only in babies and are able to burn-up lipids.

Based on these new findings, Zaga VWG UG, developed the ShapeAccelerator, an active lotion based on two potent vasodilators that are able to convert the adipocytes: Vanillylnonamide, which is a synthetic analog of capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers and an organic sprout extract from the Brassica alba species, spicy mustard.

In this way ShapeAccelerator:

- Activates microcirculation fighting water retention

- ‘Empties’ the cells of the adipose tissue by converting fat-accumulating adipocytes into cells that actively burn fat


How To Apply

Step 1 - Morning Application
- Start your morning by applying a small amount of the cream and gently massage it into the targeted area (e.g., thighs, waist, abdomen).
- Be prepared for a warming sensation, as this is a sign that the product is stimulating blood flow and activating the fat-burning process.
- Continue with your daily routine.

Step 2 - Evening Application
- In the evening, repeat the process by applying Shape Accelerator again.
- Massage the cream into the same area as in the morning.
- This dual-application routine maximizes the effectiveness of the product.

Step 3 - Track Your Progress and Share Your Success
- After 8 weeks of consistent use, you will have used up one 200ml jar of Shape Accelerator, and you should start to see the first visible results.
- Measure the reduction in centimeters and take note of the positive changes in your body’s appearance.


Science Behind The Magic

Brown Adipocytes

Ensure Thermoregulation by Converting Lipids into Heat Unlike other cells, BA have UCP1 gene which encodes the uncoupling protein 1. This protein short-circuits the proton gradient of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Instead of ATP, energy is produced and released in the form of heat (thermogenesis process).

This explains why in BA, fat is eliminated to produce heat.Recent Findings Highlighted the ability of White Adipocytes to Become Brown AdipocytesUntil five years ago, it was believed that BAT could only be found in babies - it protected them against cold. Based on this hypothesis, BA would have lost their mitochondria and their ability to transform into WA.

However, in just the last few years, new findings have revealed the presence of remnants of BAT in adults and, more surprisingly, ways of transforming WA into BA adipocytes. This trans-differentiation process is known as ‘browning’


Upon Activation, Brown-like Adipocytes are also Able to convert Lipids into Heat In response to stimuli such as cold, WA can transform into brown-like adipocytes. These are called Beige or Brite (for Brown and White) adipocytes. These beige adipocytes have a similar morphology to that of the brown ones: multiple lipid droplets and a high mitochondrial content. In addition, they express several brown fat-specific genes such as UCP1 and are able to undergo thermogenesis. However, both cells have many distinguishing characteristics and are not derived from the same embryonic precursor. Furthermore, BA express high levels of UCP1 under basal (unstimulated) conditions, whereas beige adipocytes express these genes only upon activation. 

Fight cellulite and excess centimeters (inches) through adipocyte browning Almost 9 out of 10 Women have CelluliteAfter puberty, almost 90% of women suffer from stubborn cellulite regardless of their weight. Conversely, men are less affected. This fact is explained by the specific nature of the adipose tissue in the thighs and buttocks of women which contains more fat and is structured in a different manner than that of men. Indeed, the fat chambers in women extend much easier and preferentially vertically to store fat cells. 

Cellulite Impairs Blood and Lymph Microcirculation

Cellulite is characterized by an “orange peel” skin and results from hypertrophy of adipocytes. Due to their enlargement, these fat cells compress the wrap (connective tissue) that contains them. The larger the adipocytes, the more the wrap deforms and hardens, which leads to a deficient blood and lymph return microcirculation and therefore water retention and a deficient elimination of fats and toxins. ShapeAccelerator Fights Cellulite and Induces Slimming through a Dual Mechanism: • It activates the microcirculation reducing water retention while optimizing the elimination of fats and toxins.

• It ‘empties’ the adipocytes by inducing browning.

Shape Accelerator combines two potent vasodilators: 


- Vanillylnonamide - a synthetic analog of capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers that enhances blood flow by inhibiting vascular smooth muscle contraction. 

- An organic mustard sprout extract from the Brassica alba species, whose characteristic phytonutrientsare is responsible for its pungent taste and vasodilator effect. These two substances are able to induce the browning of adipocytes. Clinical studies showed the rapid, and visible slimming and anti-cellulite effects of ShapeAccelerator.


Increase Blood Microcirculation after a Single Application. In a study performed with 18 women aged 21 to 54 (mean age: 42.3 years) and having cellulite (Curri grades II and III), the capacity of ShapeAccelerator to stimulate the blood microcirculation was confirmed. A defined quantity of the test product (ShapeAccelerator or the corresponding placebo) were applied once to the thighs of the volunteers by a professional at the test institute. Methyl nicotinate was used as a positive reference. The blood flow was measured using the Laser Doppler technique following the application of the test product over a period of 30 minutes. Results showed ShapeAccelerator increased the cutaneous blood microcirculation both significantly and very quickly:
• +155 % compared to initial conditions after 15 minutes
• +330 % compared to initial conditions after 30 minutes


Slimming Effect on the Waistline

The slimming effect of ShapeAccelerator was evaluated in a study performed with 18 women aged 21 to 54 (mean age: 42.3 years) and having cellulite on the waist and abdomen. Volunteers applied ShapeAccelerator emulsion on their waist and abdomen twice a day for eight weeks. Waist and abdomen girth were determined on the skin surface by centimetric measurements through the navel for the waist and at the equidistance between the navel and the pubis for the abdomen.

Results showed ShapePerfection can strongly and significantly reduce both the abdomen and waist girths after just 4 weeks of treatment: 

- Waist: 2 cm (0.9 in) after 4 weeks and .4 cm (1.3 in) after 8 weeks 

- Abdomen: 2 cm (1.3 in) after 4 weeks and .1 cm (1.6 in) after 8 weeks The waist and abdomen girth reduction was detected on 89% and 100% of the volunteers respectively

Anti-Cellulite Effect on Thighs

At the cellular level, cellulite is characterized by sagging of the connective tissue that separates the dermis from the hypodermis. This slackening is caused by the protrusion of the enlarged adipocytes into the dermis.Therefore, the area of the interface between the dermis and the hypodermis (dermis- hypodermis junction distance) increases with the severity of cellulite. The anti-cellulite effect of ShapeAccelerator was evaluated in a study with 18 women aged 21 to 54 (mean age: 42.3 years) and having cellulite on the thighs (Curri grades II and III). 


Volunteers applied ShapeAccelerator on one of their thighs and placebo on the other

The test product was applied twice a day for eight weeks. The dermis-hypodermis junction in the thighs was visualized by ultrasonographic assessment and the distance of the junction was measured. 

Results showed that the treatment with ShapeAccelerator led to a rapid and strong reduction of the dermis-hypodermis junction: 

- 6% after 4 weeks

- 2% after 8 weeks. Photographs taken before and after the treatment with the ShapeAccelerator confirmed the reduction of the cellulite was visible to the naked eye.


Disclaimer: To lose weight one should practice a healthy life style. This means eat a well balanced meal and have enough exercise. In case of any doubt always consult your doctor. In case you are allergic to any of the ingredients please do not use the product and/or consult your doctor before use. Shape Accelerator cannot be held responsible for disappointing results since we cannot monitor the use of the product with or without your lifestyle. The claims made are the result of the test group and are in no way an insurance of the individual person not being monitored. Warning: Information on ingredients used in cosmetic products are not intended to be, nor should be interpreted as, advice or a recommendation concerning the use of any cosmetic product. If you have questions about your use of a cosmetic product, please review the labeling appearing on the product, contact the product manufacturer, and/or consult a physician. Shape Accelerator is designed for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for compliance with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, the Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act, and the regulations published under the authority of these laws.Trade MarkShape Accelerator is a trade mark of Zaga VWG UG, Germany and neither any element of the product nor the brand or any of its explicit or non explicit elements my be used, copied, in any form without the written approval of the owner of the brand.

Warning: do not use or rinse in eyes in case of any doubt consult your doctor. Do not eat or use the product for any other application as mentioned, do not put the product on open wounds or defect skin.

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St Petersburg, Florida 33702

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